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Houston is one of the most innovative cities in America. It has been ranked as the third top U.S. manufacturing cities. It is also prominent in the energy, aerospace, technology, logistics, and science industries. Perhaps this is why our patent attorney Houston, TX services have been so well received. In fact, there have been so many USPTO patent application filings from Houston based inventors that it was almost chosen as the USPTO Texas Regional Office before Dallas won out at the end.

Houston is home to not only the Inventors Association but also the Young Inventors Society of America, Inc. The Leavitt Eldredge Law Firm has partnered with each of these organizations to the benefit of its members, many of whom have become our clients. We’ve also connected with a plurality of Houston-based manufacturers and prototyping companies over the years. We are always happy to provide a well-curated referral.

Invention Is Not Limited To Age

One of our favorite annual events, and it only occurs in Houston, is when we provide pro bono legal services for the Young Inventors Showcase. Each year, children aged 6 to 18 develop and show off their inventions. The submissions are as diverse as the participants, many of which have overcome difficult backgrounds to great success later in life. A panel of judges hand out awards, and the Leavitt Eldredge Law Firm drafts patents and trademarks as appropriate.

A lot of IP savvy millennials are putting down roots in Houston. This has resulted in a veritable Renaissance of innovation throughout the region. By our estimates, there are nearly 500,000 USPTO trademarks from Texas based owners alone, and over 90,000 of them are from Houston. That’s 18% of all trademark work in the entire state, and it doesn’t even include the whole metroplex! And you don’t have to be a millennial to be innovative. Our clients with the most prolific patent and trademark portfolios invariably seem to come from Houston, and they come from all generations of life.

Our Services In Houston

All of this is to say that patent lawyer Houston, TX services are really just the tip of the iceberg. Our Houston clients have benefited immensely from our comprehensive consultations touching on issues of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and even trade secrets. If you have an idea, a brand, a product, or a business, there is almost always something we can do to help you protect it. (And maybe there is something else, like licensing, or contract negotiation, we would be happy to help with that too).

This is why we try to make our patent attorney services as widely available as possible. We maintain offices in Sugarland, by the North Freeway, and in The Woodlands––so there shouldn’t be any need for you to travel across the city just to have a legal consultation (unless you live in East Houston, we don’t have an office there yet!). Simply schedule an appointment and one of our attorneys can meet at the office nearest to you. And, if one of our locations don’t work for you, we might even be able to travel to you.

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