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Richard Eldredge

Richard is the firm’s magician. Need something filed yesterday? Trouble with a patent examiner? Let Richard do his thing.

A professional engineer and a patent lawyer, Richard is involved in everything that we do. And although you may not meet him personally, he is in every sense the man behind the curtain.

Senior Partner, Founder

– Richard can quit any habit cold-turkey. Soda? Sugar? Meat? Its seriously uncanny
– He traveled 1,500 miles to adopt a Spanish water dog for his kids (but also for himself)

Fun Facts

He has drafted and filed over 2,000 patents

Claim To Fame

– It has been said that Richard’s tears can cure cancer. But he has never cried
– It took Richard exactly one half of a lick to reach the center of a tootsie pop

Legends From His Childhood

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