About Us

Our story began in 2007 when Richard Eldredge was working as a professional engineer and patent attorney. It was during this time the housing crisis of 2007 hit. This caused him to rethink the traditional way of doing business concerning his clients. Richard seized this opportunity to form his own law practice with his fresh thinking. He built his law firm on the foundation of meeting the needs of his clients in a more efficient way.

At the same time, Brandon Leavitt, a published biochemist, entered into law school. When he graduated from law school, he took on several jobs at a time. During this time he also learned how to meet his clients needs in an efficient and economic manner.

It was in 2014 that Richard and Brandon met. After meeting they began to work together on projects. The clients responded well to their combined backgrounds, education, and determination. That is a bit of our history.

In the present day, Brandon became a partner in 2019. The Leavitt Eldredge Law Firm has helped thousands to protect their ideas, brands, and businesses. The firm represents clients from every economic background. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to student projects. This has allowed us to cross into almost every industry.

We have stayed true to the foundation upon which this law firm is built. For the client this means fast turnaround times and lower fees. Our different approach means our attorneys are more available. We are also able to arrange differing payment methods.

Though Richard started the firm and Brandon has been added as a partner, there are others that are valuable in the growth of this law firm. Come meet our team.

Meet The Team

In-house lawyers, engineers, and scientists to keep your project under one roof. Meet our full team.

Richard Eldredge

Senior Partner, Attorney

A professional engineer and a patent lawyer, Richard is involved in everything that we do…

Brandon Leavitt

Managing Partner, Attorney

Brandon is an Eagle Scout (literally) who loves to give free advice to anyone willing to hear him but when his wife says…

Beth Felix


A dean’s scholar and published biologist, Beth is probably the smartest person at the Leavitt Eldredge Law Firm, and with hobbies…