4 Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a Patent Attorney

Updated: 12-27-21 Ask Questions Before Hiring a Patent Lawyer So you have a new innovation and are looking to hire a patent law firm to protect it? Or perhaps there’s an infringement on your existing patent and your firm could use the services of a competent patent attorney. Regardless of the situation you’re currently in, … Read more


The Importance of Finding the Right Patent Lawyer

The patent process can be tricky, confusing, and frustrating if you are not in possession of the specialized knowledge that it takes to understand the complex inner workings of each specific scenario. Trying to go through the patent process alone is just not a wise move, regardless of how savvy or educated you think you … Read more


3 Easy Common Patent Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

It’s exciting to officially establish a patent. However, if you’ve never submitted a patent application before, it can be challenging to navigate the process and you’re at greater risk for making a mistake. Below are common patent mistakes that you do not want to make. What happens if I make a mistake on my patent … Read more