cease and desist letters

Everything You Need to Know About Cease and Desist Letters!

A cease and desist letter is the first step to inform an offending party with notice of their infringing activity. This letter provides you with a notice date if a lawsuit is filed and prevents the party from claiming ignorance. Once the party has received the letter and refuses to stop, the next step is … Read more

how much does a patent cost

How Much Does a Patent Cost? What You Need to Know Before Starting!

To briefly answer the question, How much does a patent cost, it can range from $800 to over $100,000. Knowing the answer to this is an essential step before moving forward with a patent application. The answer will depend on why you want a patent and what you are patenting. This will determine your overall … Read more

Questions to ask Patent Attorney

4 Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a Patent Attorney

Updated: 8-16-2022 Ask Questions Before Hiring a Patent Attorney So, you have a new innovation and are looking to hire a patent attorney to protect it? Or perhaps there’s an infringement on your existing patent and your firm could use the services of a competent patent lawyer. Regardless of the situation you’re currently in, it’s … Read more