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Four Typical Steps to Monetizing an Invention

It would be nice if a dump truck full of money pulls up to your office when you or your business invents something unique. Unfortunately, this is not what happens. The process for exploiting an invention is a process that almost always requires some professional assistance from a patent lawyer to navigate. Here is a … Read more

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Understanding Patents to Protect Your Inventions

Creating a successful invention, whether in science, technology, arts, or business, is no easy task. Inventors often invest hours and hours of mental energy and physical resources to see their vision through to actualization. Unfortunately, many inventors miss out on a crucial aspect of the invention process which is to secure and protect their invention … Read more


Protecting Your Intellectual Property with the Right Patent Lawyer

The innovation, hard work, and efforts associated with creating unique intellectual property can quickly be wasted if your ideas or inventions are not protected properly. Don’t be one of the many inventors whose work goes unnoticed due to mistakes that are completely avoidable through the use of a good lawyer. Patent law can be quite … Read more

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New Bill Threatens Section 101 Of Patent Act, Puts Small Businesses At Risk

Patent law has been crucial to the U.S. since it was first used over 228 years ago. It ensures that the individual (or individuals) responsible for an idea or a product get the credit for their efforts. The Patent Act, established in 1790, was the basis of trademark law and was responsible for the creation … Read more