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How to Know if You Should Obtain a Patent

Intellectual Property and Obtaining a Patent So you have started working on a cool product or software and want to get it patented. How do patents work? And can they actually protect your intellectual property? Patents have an expiration term of about 20 years from the original date of application, meaning if you get it … Read more

patent attorney in colorado

Should You Hire a Patent Attorney?

If you’re considering filing for a patent, you are certainly not the only one. The USPTO takes on more than 500,000 applications a year. That means it can take some time and research to be sure that your patent is original enough to be approved. It’s generally best to get your application in as soon … Read more

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3 Signs You Might Need a New Patent Attorney

Obtaining a patent is an essential step when protecting an invention or idea. Since the first patent law was used over 228 years ago, countless Americans have relied on patent lawyers to help them navigate this process. Unfortunately, not all patent attorneys are created equal. If you observe any of the following three signs, you … Read more