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Intellectual Property Law Firm

Leavitt & Eldredge is a full-service law firm that focuses on intellectual property and can serve all of your intellectual property requirements in this area. We specialize in various forms of intellectual property law (IP law), including copyrights, patents, trademarks, and IP litigation.

Our IP lawyers provide counseling to all size businesses, including IP boutique. There are numerous methods of acquiring and developing your intellectual property holdings.

Our IP lawyers help guide clients through the process of acquiring IP protections with the USPTO and the Copyright Office. Our legal secretaries will provide status updates on filings and notify our clients of upcoming deadlines to ensure your property is protected.

The firm’s IP lawyers represent clients ranging from large entities to individual inventors. Our intellectual property attorneys are experienced in various IP fields. If you need representation, please contact us today or book your free consultation, and our IP lawyers will provide effective counsel.

Intellectual Property Attorney in United States

We are a US (United States) based firm and primarily handle US law and US intellectual property filings. We have intellectual property attorneys located in Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston Texas. For anyone who lives outside of our area or prefers not to meet in person, our attorneys also offer service via phone call or web conference (Zoom or Google Meet).

In addition, we regularly partner with attorneys around the world versed in international law who assist us in protecting diverse client interests.

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How Can I Protect My Intellectual Property?

Our best lawyers can assist you in navigating numerous government departments to ensure that your intellectual property rights are protected by law. These include the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the US Copyright Office, and international government offices.

Unlike other law firms that handle a wide range of cases in numerous practice areas, our firm specializes solely in intellectual property law. Subsequently, that specialized, substantial experience ensures that our firm is uniquely qualified to meet your intellectual property needs.

You Have Ideas, We Can Help You Protect Them

You have the ideas, and the Leavitt Eldredge Law Firm have experienced attorneys to help you achieve your goals. Have questions, call us or book a free consultation to get started today.

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Business Law of Intellectual Property

Our attorneys also specialize in helping early stage companies navigate the world of corporate law through an IP law lens. We regularly assist clients with LLC, S-Corp, corporation and partnership filings, in addition to helping clients get their limited liability partnership registered.

After we have clients’ LLC, S-Corp, corporation, partnership, or limited liability partnership registered, we also work to defend those business entities and their interests in court.

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How to Protect Intellectual Property in Business

We regularly support our clients in protecting their business with LLC, S-Corp, corporation and partnership filings. In addition, we guide our clients in getting their limited liability partnership registered. 

After we have clients’ LLC, S-Corp, corporation, partnership, or limited liability partnership registered, we also work to defend those business entities and their interests in court.

We also provide IP portfolio management services to ensure that all of your IP rights are kept up to date and protected by law. 

Our attorneys also specialize in assisting early-stage companies navigate the world of corporate law through an IP law lens.

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Types of Intellectual Property

Knowing the route to follow to protect your particular type of intellectual property is crucial. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between your potential IP avenues.

The types of IP Avenues are;

  1. Protecting a brand name or a slogan, you are looking to file a trademark application.
  2. Have a business innovation or secret that you want to ensure stays secret, you are looking for trade secret protection.
  3. If you have a new invention, be it a physical or method-based invention, you require a patent.
  4. When you have any other IP made manifest in some sort of physical embodiment, you need a copyright registration.

Active IP portfolio management and regular IP audits are key to ensure that these IP registrations remain up to date and protected by law. This can also help to avoid potential court involvement.

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Patents and Trademarks PROSECUTED

View our patent and trademark samples.