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Intellectual Property Law Firm

Leavitt & Eldredge is a full-service law firm that focuses on intellectual property and can serve all of your intellectual property requirements in this area. We specialize in various forms of intellectual property law (IP law), including copyrights, patents, trademarks, and IP litigation.

Our IP lawyers provide counseling to all size businesses, including IP boutique. There are numerous methods of acquiring and developing your intellectual property holdings.

Our IP lawyers help guide clients through the process of acquiring IP protections with the USPTO and the Copyright Office. Our legal secretaries will provide status updates on filings and notify our clients of upcoming deadlines to ensure your property is protected.

The firm’s IP lawyers represent clients ranging from large entities to individual inventors. Our intellectual property attorneys are experienced in various IP fields. If you need representation, please contact us today or book your free consultation, and our IP lawyers will provide effective counsel.

Intellectual Property Attorney in United States

We are a US (United States) based firm and primarily handle US law and US intellectual property filings. We have intellectual property attorneys located in Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston Texas. For anyone who lives outside of our area or prefers not to meet in person, our attorneys also offer service via phone call or web conference (Zoom or Google Meet).

In addition, we regularly partner with attorneys around the world versed in international law who assist us in protecting diverse client interests.

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How Can I Protect My Intellectual Property?

Our best lawyers can assist you in navigating numerous government departments to ensure that your intellectual property rights are protected by law. These include the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the US Copyright Office, and international government offices.

Unlike other law firms that handle a wide range of cases in numerous practice areas, our firm specializes solely in intellectual property law. Subsequently, that specialized, substantial experience ensures that our firm is uniquely qualified to meet your intellectual property needs.

You Have Ideas, We Can Help You Protect Them

You have the ideas, and the Leavitt Eldredge Law Firm have experienced attorneys to help you achieve your goals. Have questions, call us or book a free consultation to get started today.

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Business Law of Intellectual Property

Our attorneys also specialize in helping early stage companies navigate the world of corporate law through an IP law lens. We regularly assist clients with LLC, S-Corp, corporation and partnership filings, in addition to helping clients get their limited liability partnership registered.

After we have clients’ LLC, S-Corp, corporation, partnership, or limited liability partnership registered, we also work to defend those business entities and their interests in court.

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How to Protect Intellectual Property in Business

We regularly support our clients in protecting their business with LLC, S-Corp, corporation and partnership filings. In addition, we guide our clients in getting their limited liability partnership registered. 

After we have clients’ LLC, S-Corp, corporation, partnership, or limited liability partnership registered, we also work to defend those business entities and their interests in court.

We also provide IP portfolio management services to ensure that all of your IP rights are kept up to date and protected by law. 

Our attorneys also specialize in assisting early-stage companies navigate the world of corporate law through an IP law lens.

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Types of Intellectual Property

Knowing the route to follow to protect your particular type of intellectual property is crucial. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between your potential IP avenues.

The types of IP Avenues are;

  1. Protecting a brand name or a slogan, you are looking to file a trademark application.
  2. Have a business innovation or secret that you want to ensure stays secret, you are looking for trade secret protection.
  3. If you have a new invention, be it a physical or method-based invention, you require a patent.
  4. When you have any other IP made manifest in some sort of physical embodiment, you need a copyright registration.

Active IP portfolio management and regular IP audits are key to ensure that these IP registrations remain up to date and protected by law. This can also help to avoid potential court involvement.

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Patents and Trademarks Obtained

View our patent and trademark samples.


Our firm utilizes our litigation team, patent agents, and works with examiners at various governmental entities to ensure that your patent rights are protected by law. We have helped inventors patent numerous inventions across a wide range of fields, from life sciences, medical devices, industrial equipment, to systems and methods, etc.

We also practice extensively to counsel clients after post grant proceedings to ensure patent maintenance throughout its life. These patents are registered all over the world (Canada, the European Union, Australia, etc.) and cover a wide range of fields, including business methods, e-commerce, home products, the life sciences, and many more.

We also work to ensure patent protection in court, if prosecution leading to a patent trial is necessary to enforce your rights by law. Our attorneys will work with you to formulate a litigation strategy to ensure that your patents are protected by law.

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trademark your brand


A trademark is utilized to protect a brand or business name in relation to your business’ goods or services. Our firm can work with you to draft and file trademarks comprehensively suited to your personal or business needs.

Our lawyers can also assist you in communicating with the USPTO throughout your application’s examination process. This includes responding to any issued office actions, filing additional necessary paperwork, and communicating directly with USPTO examiners on your behalf.

Our firm currently files thousands of trademarks and provides portfolio management services for thousands of registrations. We also coordinate with international attorneys to ensure protection for several trademark registrations around the world. Our emphasis on these intellectual property practice areas distinguishes us from other law firms. It also provides us with the perspective and experience needed to deliver these specialized legal services.

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Trade secrets are integral to an entity’s business objectives, confidential information that facilitates innovation and competitive advantages.

The protection of those trade secrets is vital, and our firm can utilize the regulatory trademarks framework to meet that need.

Our firm provides legal services that help you enforce those trade secret rights. Our attorneys who practice exclusively in this area have helped clients with trade secret misappropriation cases in a variety of industries.

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trade dress matters for your brand


An effective trade dress registration ensures protection for the visual design or packaging details associated with a good or service.

The design you produce will help you stand out among the fierce competition for customers. Your trade dress matters because it will distinguish you by its shape, size and color.

These registrations can provide vital branding resources. Our lawyers, utilizing this trademarks practice avenue, can help to protect your design and packaging by law.


Our firm frequently assists clients in acquiring copyright protection from regulatory agencies like the US Copyright Office.

We have lawyers that represented numerous parties in actions against people and businesses that infringe on those rights.

Our client base extends to various areas of inventorship practice, including authors, software developers, and more in protecting their work against unlawful infringement.


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Intellectual Property Litigation

Before moving forward with costly litigation, it is important to retain lead counsel that will pursue cost-effective strategies to protect your intellectual property rights. Our extensive experience litigating countless IP claims provides our attorneys with the perspective and resources necessary to facilitate ideal outcomes for our clients in court. If possible, we can assist clients in facilitating pre-litigation solutions and strategic advice for a quick resolution and to avoid extensive litigation expenses.

Our intellectual property litigation team has handled numerous cases pertaining to a wide variety of intellectual property fields. We have assisted clients on state and federal levels, including the federal circuit and district courts, and assisted several clients before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Patent Litigation

Patent infringement is widespread and can be financially debilitating, and the importance of enforcing those patent rights cannot be overstated. Patent prosecution services in court are an integral part of our business model. Our team can assist you in ensuring that infringers not only cease their infringement, but are prevented from any future IP theft.

Our firm can assist clients facilitate an initial dialogue, beginning with a cease and desist letter notifying the party of their infringement. If the party refuses to comply, we can assist with strategizing a patent prosecution plan designed to force compliance in court and recover any lost profits.

Trademark Litigation

While we can assist in ushering your proposed mark through the trademark process, we can also enforce that mark once it has been registered. Patent and trademark prosecution frequently operate similarly, and our experience in both fields ensure symbiotic expertise.

Once our IP team has assisted a client register trademarks, there is always a possibility that another party will infringe on that mark via false advertising or IP theft. Our litigation professionals specialize in court claims designed to stop false advertising and infringement and prevent further economic harm. Any trademark IP issues resulting from another party’s appropriation of your mark can be resolved with our attorneys’ focus on concise, effective strategies in court.

Copyright Litigation

While we do extensive work with patent and trademark prosecution, we are also experienced in court-based copyright litigation. Once a work has been registered with the US Copyright Office, it is entitled to protection through the author’s life.

This provides for a lengthy period of protection as well as ample opportunity for infringement. While our lawyers can assist you in gaining those initial copyright registrations, they can also help enforce those rights through litigation in court.

The best law firms will work with you to formulate a game plan to prevent other parties from utilizing your copyrighted works. Be they domain names, technology, written works, computer code, or visual art, our lawyers can help protect your IP.

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Our Reviews

March 2023

After the long non-provisional patent application process, I received a call from Richard (Eldredge). “Congratulations! By the way, this has been the most difficult patent I have obtained.” From our first conversation until now Richard and his team has worked tirelessly on my behalf. As an engineer, Richard quickly understands my concepts, designs, and verbal descriptions of the device and processes that I convey. He is highly intelligent, witty, and thoughtful. The team kind, thorough, and keep an open communication…

March 2023

Richard’s knowledge and experience is top notch which lead to my patent being awarded. His prices are competitive and I’m working with him on a Trademark and a patent continuation. I look forward to our continued relationship.

February 2023

During my first consultation Mr. Eldredge shared the necessary steps and required information needed to apply for a provisional patent. He also stated a clear expectation of time it would take to do a patent search and to get the provisional patent. Well it literally took 2 weeks from the time I submitted the necessary documents to his office for me to receive my provisional patent. How awesome is that. Mr. Eldredge and his associates were professional, available and delivered outstanding value.

January 2023

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What is intellectual property firm?

An intellectual property firm is a legal entity that helps protect people’s ideas, inventions, and creations. They help clients with registering patents or copyrights, make sure other entities aren’t stealing their ideas, and sue companies that break the law when it comes to using other individuals’ protected ideas.

What is an intellectual property lawyer?

Intellectual property lawyers help individuals and entities protect their ideas. These ideas could be inventions, music, books, technology, and more. These attorneys help people ensure that others cannot take and use their protected ideas. They also help people monetize their ideas.

Are intellectual property lawyers in demand?

Yes, intellectual property lawyers are in demand. Companies want to protect their ideas, inventions, and creative works, so they hire lawyers to help them do that. The lawyers help the companies make sure that no one else is stealing or copying their ideas.

What are the 4 types of intellectual property?

Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets are encompassed under the term “intellectual property.” A patent will protect an invention or idea. Trademark protects logos, symbols, and words that are used in commerce. Copyrights protect works like literary compositions, computer software, technological innovations, films, and paintings. A trade secret protects a business’s internal processes and practices from public disclosure.

For more information on international trade commission, unified patent court, government affairs, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.
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