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Patents and Trademarks Obtained
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Why Hire a Patent Attorney?

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At the Leavitt Eldredge Law Firm, our patent attorneys recognize that your ideas have value. This is why our clients trust us to represent their ideas. Patent attorney and patent lawyer are synonymous terms for highly trained type of lawyer. Like any lawyer they must go to law school and take the bar to practice, but patent lawyers must also have a science or engineering degree and pass a second bar for an admission to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
But how do you know you have hired the right patent attorney?


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Results that meet your deadlines and filings that occur within days or weeks.

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Prevent runaway budgets and predict your cash flow with 0% interest plans.

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Our free consultations are protected by the attorney client privilege.

How to Pick the Right Patent Lawyer?

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Unfortunately, for all the extra training and licenses required to become a patent lawyer, finding one that you can trust that is also budget friendly can sometimes be a challenge. Simply put, if you don’t trust your patent lawyer, hire one that you can. Our firm begins building that trust with its clients by offering free consultations and affordable, flat rate fees as a budget friendly option. If you like the idea of an affordable, flat rate patent lawyer, schedule your free consultation and give us the chance to impress you.
Does it matter where you live?


Does it Matter Where My Patent Attorney Lives?

Patent law is what we call a federal practice, which means that any patent lawyer should be able to represent you before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). In fact, although we maintain offices throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Houston, and Denver metroplex, the majority of our clients are perfectly content to interact with us by email and phone. That doesn’t mean to say that if you find yourself passing by any of our locations within the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Houston, and Denver metroplex we wouldn’t love to see you! Simply schedule an appointment, either by phone or to meet us in person at one of our locations.

What Does Your Free Consultation Look Like?

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It usually starts with a phone call (844-728-3680) to our office to schedule your initial, free 30 minute phone consultation. You can also contact us, or schedule your meeting through our booking calendar. During your free consultation you can ask any question about the law and we will do our best to answer and guide you. The consultations are all confidential and subject to the attorney-client privilege, so feel free to share liberally about your ideas, goals, and concerns at this time. If at that time you wish to hire us, we would be happy to provide you with the proper intake paperwork. If you complete the paperwork during your free consultation, we can usually begin immediately.
Can You Truly Rely On The Leavitt Eldredge Law Firm?


What Else do We Do?

In the broader sense the Leavitt Eldredge Law Firm practices within the entire ecosystem of intellectual property law, namely patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, business law, and litigation.

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Your ideas have value. Obtain a patent to protect them.

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Distinguish yourself from competitors. Obtain a trademark.

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What you create is unique. Obtain a copyright so that everyone knows.

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Trade Secret

Your secrets make you special. Keep them from spreading.

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Business Law

You’ve worked hard. Now let us help you make it last.

litigation or civil law


End the threat. Let us stand between you and your enemies.

Can You Truly Rely On The Leavitt Eldredge Law Firm?

We have a lot of experience. We are well respected within the industry, boast very positive reviews, and have successfully registered over 1000 patents and trademarks. But at the end of the day this is a long-term relationship and you should prioritize hiring a law firm that you can trust.

Learn about some of our most publicly successful clients.

Melanie Disbrow

melanie disbrow owner of milksnob

“The team at Eldredge Law Firm has been wonderful to work with. Beth and Brandon (or just say the team) are responsive, professional, and always provide honest and helpful advice. I feel like they are an extension of our team and always have our best interest at heart.”

Chad Myers

Chad Myers owner of jm4 tactical

“We have worked with Eldredge Law firm for almost 3 years now and couldn’t be happier. They have a great team of professionals that are easy to talk to and do what it takes to get the job done.”

Meet Our Attorneys

Explore some of the talent that makes it all possible by visiting our full team.

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Richard Eldredge

Senior Partner, Attorney

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Brandon Leavitt

Managing Partner, Attorney

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Beth Felix


Kate McKinley

Kate McKinley


Sample Works Of Patents and Trademarks

We have successfully registered over 1000+ patent and trademark applications. View all our sample works.


Disposable Bathtub Liner
risckys barbeque est 1927 ft worth Trademark Logo by Eldredge Law Firm

Risky’s Barbecue Est 1927 Ft. Worth, Texas

astrotots Trademark Logo by Eldredge Law Firm


whiskey river Trademark Logo

Whiskey River
fabric-depensing-bag-cover-D0833167 patent

Fabric Depensing Bag Cover
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Pearson’s Inc. v. Ackerman, Civil Action No. 7:18-cv-00013-BP

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

We can’t please them all, but our clients seem to really appreciate our work.

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June 2021
open quote image Richard Eldregde at Leavitt Law firm was outstanding in helping me move forward with patenting my invention. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Him and his team makes the patent process seamless, easy to understand, and take on all the heavy lifting for you. They are quick to respond and quick to get the process in motion. Leavitt Law is a great resource to help solve all your patent problems. I would highly recommend Richard and his team to anyone who is looking to secure their intellectual property for the future. closed quote image
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May 2021
open quote image I appreciate the quality service Brandon, Richard and the entire team provided. From the start of my application process to the Notice of Allowance the professionalism never ceased. closed quote image
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May 2021
open quote image I Hired Leavitt Eldredge to help push through a trademark. Very pleased with the service. Will work with again on future projects. closed quote image

Our Awards We Have Received

Our attorneys have received numerous awards.

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