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Trade Secret

Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth Trade Secret Attorneys

telling-a-secretA trade secret fills the gap to protect anything else not covered by other forms of intellectual property like patents, trademarks, or copyright. It includes the information that provides your business with independent economic value and sets you apart from competitors. A trade secret can consist of a process, a formula, a marketing or business strategy, a device, technique, or a specific method. Losing and leaving this important information unprotected can become an expensive mistake.

Leavitt & Eldredge is committed to preserving the growth and survival of our clients’ businesses. Our tailored representation includes both preventative and litigation components to fully protect our clients’ assets. If you need legal assistance developing contracts that will protect your business’ information or believe your trade secrets have been disclosed without your authorization, contact our trade secret attorneys today.

How Our Experienced Lawyers Can Help You Defend Your Trade Secrets

Our trade secret lawyers serve business professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies from diverse industries. We work closely with you to create systems that ensure your proprietary information is legally protected with contractual documents and deliver aggressive litigation in court when necessary.

Providing Legal Counsel on Proactive Countermeasures

Our trade secret attorneys can help you protect your business from unauthorized disclosure and use of its proprietary information. We will help you define which materials qualify as protectable trade secrets and take the steps necessary to maintain confidentiality by drafting and reviewing employment agreements that address trade secret protection, noncompetition and nondisclosure. Our law firm can also help design and implement procedures and policies that protect your sensitive business information from misappropriation and loss.

Protecting Your Business from Trade Secret Violations

As an intellectual property law firm with decades of experience, we understand the nuances of all stages of litigation and sharing-that-secret-with-someone-elsedeliver prompt responses and skilled legal advice. Our trade secret attorneys have the resources, knowledge, and skills necessary to achieve the best possible results for our clients in trade secret and business litigation matters. If your business has experienced unauthorized disclosure and use of trade secrets, our lawyers can help you take legal action against whoever violated a non-compete or a non-disclosure agreement.

Contact our law firm today to discuss your intellectual property case. Our trade secret lawyers serve Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth as well as the metropolitan areas of Houston, Austin, and Denver.

Contact Our Trade Secret Attorneys Today

Leavitt & Eldredge Law Firm recognizes the importance of protecting the secrecy of innovation and the critical role of retaining effective trade secret representation for your business’ continued success. Our lawyers are skilled at managing complex and multiparty trade secret litigation in a swift and effective manner, and tailor our strategy to meet your business needs. Contact our law firm today to learn more about your legal rights and options pertaining to trade secrets.