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Brandon Leavitt

With his youth spent engaging in useless arguments with friends and family, Brandon’s legal training began at a very young age. Taking a small detour in college to become a biochemist, Brandon ultimately chose law school when he realized he was the boring guy at cocktail parties.

Brandon is an Eagle Scout (literally) who loves to give free advice to anyone willing to hear him but when his wife says, “don’t you lawyer me” he knows it’s time to scale it back. If Brandon were condemned to eat one food for the remainder of his life, it would be pizza.

Managing Partner, Attorney

– Hearing what you have to say and understanding it
– Helping you understand the law as it applies to you
– Vanquishing your enemies

Really Good At

Someone once mistook him for Kirk Cameron

Claim To Fame

Tripe (yes, some people eat that, but Brandon is not one of them)

Food Phobia

Brandon heads up our Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas offices.

Located At

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