What Is Intellectual Property Law And What Does It Do For Me?

When you have a great idea or invention, you want to get it patented so no one else can use it. More so, you want to be known as the inventor of a particular invention. As such, you’ll need to register for a provisional patent application in order to protect your intellectual property.

But what is intellectual property law?

What is it?

Intellectual property law was designed with the inventor in mind; this type of law deals with the legalities of staking your claim to an invention, process, or design. This gives you legal protection in case someone tries to steal your invention or use it without giving you compensation.

Intellectual property law can be difficult to understand. Even though it works much in the same way as the ownership of tangible assets, including real estate, understanding the ins and outs of protecting your invention can be difficult without the help of a patent attorney. Your patent attorney in Colorado will help you understand patent law in order to get you the best protection for your idea or invention.

When the USPTO receives more than 500,000 applications for patents each year, you must be sure your invention meets patentable criteria. Speak with your patent lawyer for more information.

What is protected by intellectual property law

Intellectual property law is a type of patent law that focuses on the intangible; this can include patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Your patent lawyer will walk you through the application process after they determine if your idea is patentable.

Some examples of ideas or inventions that are protected by intellectual property law include music, writing, film, and architecture.

How does a patent differ from a trademark

Though both are considered forms of intellectual property, patent law grants the inventor exclusive use and rights to that invention. It ensures that the creator will get monetary compensation and prevents outside parties from benefiting or distributing the invention without prior permission.

A trademark, however, simply distinguishes the brand or source of goods. Where a patent is the protection of the idea or invention, a trademark is a way to recognize that brand.

If you’re interested in getting your idea or invention patented, call the best patent lawyer in Houston, the Eldredge Law Firm. They will ensure you understand the patent law and work their hardest to get your idea through the domestic patent process.

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