The Legal And Health Issues Associated With Knock-Off Makeup Brands

In order to take advantage of countless customers, cunning thieves and con-artists have created knock-off makeup palettes, products, and powders to satisfy our inherent love for a bargain, especially around the holidays.

These knock-off makeup products look like the real thing, but the price is much lower and the quality is often questionable. In fact, April of 2018 witnessed one of the most shocking stories yet as some fake and knock-off cosmetics contained bacteria and human waste in Los Angeles. In response, the police raided 21 locations to seize the dangerous cosmetics.

But not even Christmas spirit could keep con-artists at bay. A recent statement by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) of Ireland released a statement before the holiday season urging consumers to buy from reputable sources.

“We can’t emphasise enough the need for consumers to exercise caution and to be vigilant when purchasing cosmetics this Christmas. While it may be tempting to avail of cheaper prices, counterfeit products could cost you your health,” claimed Emer O’Neill, the cosmetics product manager for HPRA.

Ireland has previously dealt with issues concerning high levels of arsenic and lead in knock-off makeup products, including lip products, which are easily ingested.

Luckily, 50% of the inventions that meet the criteria for a patent application is patented successfully. For example, beauty influencer and makeup artist James Charles has taken legal action to stop knock-off palettes from being sold that mimic his James Charles X Morphe palette this winter.

In a recent YouTube video released by the MUA, he claims that his team and Morphe have sent numerous cease and desist letters to the makers of these counterfeit products. In the event these scammers do not comply with Charles’ demands, Charles can rely on the help of a patent attorney for the next steps in patent protection.

The beauty industry is enormous, and the Christmas demand left many consumers itching for more. Unless you’ve created a product and obtained a patent to protect your rights, even your product may be at risk. Search for a “patent lawyer near me” to ensure you’re getting the legal protection you deserve.

The need for patents is especially strong in the health and beauty industry, where countless individuals are put at risk when using realistic knock-off products. When you need a “patent lawyer near me,” rely on the Leavitt & Eldredge Law Firm to obtain a patent today.

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