Inspiring Inventions: 3 Patents That Changed The Course Of History

Humans are remarkable creatures. Throughout history, we have made incredible advancements in every realm of study possible; from lifesaving medical treatments to groundbreaking (literally) machinery, our imagination seems to have no bounds. Although there are a number of impressive inventions that have impacted our lives, there are a few that stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a look at three patents that forever changed the world.

1. Third Generation Wireless Mobile Telecommunications

Since the invention of 3G, mobile phones have never been the same. By connecting cell phones to GPS and the Internet, this 2003 patent made video calling and streaming possible on a simple handheld device; only a decade later, improvements to the network made with 4G has allowed mobile phones to be transformed into wallets, personal assistants, and advanced entertainment devices.

2. Global Positioning System 

When was the last time you drove to a new location by relying on a map? Although this technology was originally invented by and used for the military, this 1974 patent uses satellites to track objects on the ground from space. It would take several decades before it was available for public use, but now, Google Maps is always within reach.

3. Bluetooth Was Invented 

Bluetooth was invented in 1994 to allow electronic devices in close proximity to connect to each other using low-power, ultra high-frequency radio waves. The system uses small computer chips implanted in devices which act as mini radios; they “pair” over a short-range network, and are currently used in almost every handheld device we know today.

The dedication of the people behind these ideas is absolutely vital, but they never would have succeeded — or gotten credit for their work — if they hadn’t had the help of patent lawyers. Patent attorneys ensure that your grand idea (and all of the money it makes) is known throughout history as yours; with 12 industries at your feet to take advantage of, you need the help of patent lawyers in Houston, and all over the nation to lend a legal hand.

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