Weird Patents That Never Came to Fruition

Every year, the USPTO receives more than 500,000 patent applications. And while many of these applications are approved, some people never see their patent dreams turn into reality. And this may be because some patents are just plain weird. So let’s take a closer look at a few very strange patents that have been filed over the years.

Leaf Gathering Pants

Everyone knows how big of a pain raking and bagging leaves can be. And according to the inventor of the leaf gathering pants, no one should have to spend their time dealing with raking. These leaf gathering pants were designed to allow a person to gather leaves into their pants as they walk around their yard. These zip-on tubes simply slip on over regular pants and feature a net that connects each pant leg. The net gathers the leaves and results in neat piles that can easily be picked up later on. Unfortunately, since this patent never got approved, we still have to rake.

Greenhouse Helmet

Do you long for the fresh air nature provides, but find yourself lacking time to actually go outside? That was the problem the greenhouse helmet aimed to solve. It’s a helmet that features tiny shelves to hold tiny plants, creating your very own greenhouse. The designer claimed that as the wearer exhaled carbon dioxide, the plants would absorb the carbon dioxide and return them with oxygen — but the amount of oxygen produced by the plants was sure to not be enough for a human to survive on.

Portable Nuclear Shield

While there have been numerous items designed for protection from nuclear blasts over the years, this portable nuclear shield is one of the worst. According to the designer, this shield can be unfolded and popped up anywhere. The user simply has to dig a hole in the ground large enough for them to fit in, pop up the shield over their head, and they’ll be protected. However, you better have a shovel and a fast digging ability if you’re going to make this work.

Fortunately, not all patents are as strange as these few. And if you have a patent idea and need help navigating the process, consider hiring a patent attorney. Eldredge Law Firm is here to be your patent attorney to help with your patent law needs.

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