Richard Eldredge

Richard Eldredge

Senior Partner, Founder


Richard is the firm’s magician. Need something filed yesterday? Trouble with a patent examiner? Let Richard do his thing.

A professional engineer and a patent lawyer, Richard is involved in everything that we do. And although you may not meet him personally, he is in every sense the man behind the curtain.

Fun Facts

  • Richard can quit any habit cold-turkey. Soda? Sugar? Meat? Its seriously uncanny
  • He travelled 1,500 miles to adopt a Spanish water dog for his kids (but also for himself)

Claim to Fame

  • He has drafted and filed over 2,000 patents

Legends from Richard’s childhood

  • It has been said that Richard’s tears can cure cancer. But he has never cried
  • It took Richard exactly one half of a lick to reach the center of a tootsie pop



August 28, 2017


Senior Partner, Founder


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