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When The Little Guys Win: Nonprofit Awarded $268M After Patent Dispute

Human beings have always been innovative, but sometimes the journey to an acknowledgment of that innovation can be a rough and rocky road. In the world of patents (of which the USPTO receives 500,000 applications a year), the ones who invented something spectacular don't always receive the recognition -- and profit -- that comes with it, as the nonprofit organization Alfred E. Mann Foundation (AMF) discovered the hard way. Over 15 years ago, they took…

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Understanding Confidentiality And Patents

Protecting your nuanced invention or idea is essential as you develop your patent application. After all, you want to be able to protect your invention for that 12-month period with a provisional patent application. But can your patent to remain confidential?   Before you obtain your patent Before a patent or provisional patent is obtained, you have the right to enter a confidentiality agreement with a third party before the patent application is filed. This…

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What’s The Difference Between A Trademark, A Copyright, And A Patent?

You've got a great idea and you want to protect it; the first step is identifying whether or not you need a patent, a trademark, or a copyright. Though each option is recognized as a type of intellectual property protection, understanding each one can determine which choice you should make. Here are the different definitions for each type of intellectual property. Patent Patents are used among 12 primary industries, but just about anyone can apply…

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What Qualifies As Patent Infringement?

When you obtain a patent, you're asserting that you get credit and royalties from your invention. This also asserts that no individual or business is able to use your idea or invention without your permission. This isn't anything new; the first recorded use of patent law was more than 228 years ago. People have been wanting to protect their inventions for a long time. Unfortunately, intellectual property issues spring up all the time. But how…

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Types of Intellectual Property

You may have heard the phrase “intellectual property” used at some point, whether it be in a business or legal context. However, what is intellectual property and what type of protection does it offer? Intellectual property is the umbrella term that covers patents, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks. This post will explore the different types of intellectual property, what is needed for protection under each, and the pros and cons of using each for protection.…

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What Happens In the Case Of Patent Infringement?

If you have taken out a patent or trademark and someone uses your property without your permission, you might need to take them to court. Because your invention is protected for 20 years past the application filing date, anyone who is infringing on your idea can be taken to court. When this happens, you'll need the best Colorado patent attorney for your intellectual property litigation. Here's what will happen if you choose to take the…

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