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What Happens In the Case Of Patent Infringement?

If you have taken out a patent or trademark and someone uses your property without your permission, you might need to take them to court. Because your invention is protected for 20 years past the application filing date, anyone who is infringing on your idea...

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Why You Should Patent Your Idea In Retirement

More and more Americans are filing for patent applications when they reach retirement. On top of that, the Patent and Trademark Federal Credit Union offers a number of options to save money in your retirement. When it comes to patents and retirement, it's a match...

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intellectual property practice

What Does A Patent Attorney Do?

You have a great invention and you know you want to visit an intellectual property practice to patent your idea. You're ready to discuss your invention with a patent attorney but you don't know what they can do for you. When you want to get...

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Learn The Ins and Outs of Patenting an Idea

If you have researched patenting an idea, you have probably learned that there are several different parts to a patent application. Understanding the different parts may seem straightforward, but knowing what makes a strong patent may be more difficult. It may also be difficult finding...

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Herman Miller v. Office Star

On Tuesday, October 11, a federal jury in California awarded Herman Miller Inc. $8.4 million in a trade dress lawsuit against Office Star. Office Star was accused of using Herman Miller’s overall look of its Eames office chair line in the trade dress suit.   Herman Miller...

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