Sample Works

Below are a few samples of our intellectual property obtained.

Name of IPRegistration #Date RegisteredType of IPImage
Display System for Guitar Sound Hole1097103904/06/2021Patent
Implementation of Invertible Functions Using Parity Logic1105043706/29/2021Patent
LED Wrist BandD087469802/04/2020Patent
Safe DoorD089452308/25/2020Patent
Drain Stopper and CleanerD088624706/02/2020Patent
Microscope Slide Mounting System1067804006/09/2020Patent
Water Transfer Monitoring System and Method Of Use1068371606/16/2020Patent
Revolver Reloading Apparatus and Method Of Use1061287404/07/2020Patent
Revolver Reloading Apparatus and Method Of Use1061287504/07/2020Patent
Self-Stabilizing Decoy System1062433404/21/2020Patent
Dry Erase Board System and Method Of Use1062553704/21/2020Patent
Automated Hair Cutting System and Method of Operation Thereof992567603/27/2018Patent
Steamer Stand System and Method of use1098694904/27/2021Patent
System and Method to provide an Integrated Advertising Platform1098445004/20/2021Patent
Gun Slide Galling Prevention System1098291704/20/2021Patent
Pivot Clamp System and Method of use1098280404/20/2021Patent
Method of Manufacturing a Well Completion Pipe and Mesh Filter Assembly1098109004/20/2021Patent
Shelf Alignment Guide System1098036104/20/2021Patent
Baby Carrier and Back Pack System and Method of use1114100310/12/2021Patent
Gripless Weight Lifting System and Method of use1113546610/05/2021Patent