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We have a lot of experience. We are well respected within the industry, boast very positive reviews, and have successfully registered over 1390+ patents and trademarks. But at the end of the day, this is a long-term relationship, and you should prioritize hiring a law firm that you can trust.

Learn about some of our most publicly successful clients.

Melanie Disbrow

milk snob

“The team at Eldredge Law Firm has been wonderful to work with. Beth and Brandon (or just say the team) are responsive, professional, and always provide honest and helpful advice. I feel like they are an extension of our team and always have our best interest at heart.”

Chad Myers

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“We have worked with Eldredge Law firm for almost 3 years now and couldn’t be happier. They have a great team of professionals that are easy to talk to and do what it takes to get the job done.”

Below are a few samples of our intellectual property obtained.

Name of IPRegistration #Date RegisteredType of IPImage
THE SALTY ZEBRA655683011/09/2021Trademark
Baby Carrier and Back Pack System and Method of use1114100310/12/2021Patent
Gripless Weight Lifting System and Method of use1113546610/05/2021Patent
Virtual Asset Tagging and Augmented Camera Display System and Method of use1113251909/28/2021Patent
Poppy Show JA645923808/24/2021Trademark
Implementation of Invertible Functions Using Parity Logic1105043706/29/2021Patent
THERAPY BUSY BOX633392404/27/2021Trademark
COSMETICS PARAMEDIC633456104/27/2021Trademark
Steamer Stand System and Method of use1098694904/27/2021Patent
System and Method to provide an Integrated Advertising Platform1098445004/20/2021Patent
Gun Slide Galling Prevention System1098291704/20/2021Patent
Pivot Clamp System and Method of use1098280404/20/2021Patent
Method of Manufacturing a Well Completion Pipe and Mesh Filter Assembly1098109004/20/2021Patent
Shelf Alignment Guide System1098036104/20/2021Patent
Display System for Guitar Sound Hole1097103904/06/2021Patent
POP HAT SINCE 2015627071702/16/2021Trademark
JM4 DIMENSIONS620173711/17/2020Trademark
Safe DoorD89452308/25/2020Patent