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Sterling Baird

Starting college at age 16 and former BYU’s best dance crew champion, Sterling is currently pursuing an M.S. in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in materials science. He’s spent years in the lab running experiments and outside it develops the technical communication skills needed for any STEM discipline.

His experiences range from thin film solar cell research at the Colorado School of Mines to assembling batteries at NASA using next-gen nano-materials. 

Mechanical Engineer

Sterling also enjoys doing fun, nerdy things with his wife who recently graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering. Electric mixer broke? No problem. Take it apart to troubleshoot why it failed and call it a date.

Fun Facts

Sterling is your guy if you have any questions about energy (can solar ever compete with coal/gas? When are we going to see personal flying cars?).

Really Good At

He has a sole author manuscript under review and hopes to work as a scientist in the energy storage industry someday.

Future Goal