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Cory Knight

Cory was the kind of kid who took apart radios to see how they worked, so it makes perfect sense that, even though he wanted to pitch for the Atlanta Braves, he would wind up in engineering. (He was also the kind of kid who wouldn’t eat his peas but we don’t think that had any bearing on his future profession).

Today, when it comes to USPTO compliant drawings, or designing machines that work, Cory is our resident ninja. Cory is also very gifted at foreseeing and avoiding unusual hazards (although he did dip once, without question, a California roll in wasabi, to the enjoyment of all who witnessed).

Senior Engineer

You are much more likely to get along with Cory by breaking bread than by playing golf, and if you really want to get on his good side you should pretend to like LSU football.

Fun Facts

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